Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

When the game was first announced, the Aliens fan in me leaped for joy. I pre-ordered it on the first day it appeared on STEAM for pre-order and counted down the days to pre-load and unlock.

Yes, you could say I couldn’t wait to start hearing that iconic beep on the motion tracker and blast those slimy aliens away. After all, there is no hiding that as much as the movie gave me nightmares as a kid, it is still ranked high on my favorite science fiction series list.

Yet when I finally started the game after sitting through the entire introduction sequence (which I rarely do), I couldn’t bare to even complete my first run through of the game. It was just bad and for a game coming from established developers Gearbox, it was equally disappointing.

Now don’t get me wrong here, the game is not as bad that the source code deserves to be thrown into the deepest darkest dungeon with the keys thrown away, just that its not something that fans of both the series and genre deserve.

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Somehow the game just couldn’t decide if it wants to follow as close to the movie experience or that it wants to a good game in its genre. While I do give credit to the developers for trying to find a perfect balance, this is one of those times where they should have just stuck to one side.

On one hand you have movie accurate elements like the storyline, voice acting and weapons that sounds right out of the movie. Yet on the other hand you have AI that looks a decade old and graphics that doesn’t do even mid range graphic cards justice.

Everytime the game tries to bring in that frantic desperation and fear that the movie portrays so brilliantly, something stupid will happen like fellow marines running into your arc of fire, getting hit and staying there like you didn’t exist.

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Of course there are things the game does right like the subtle weapon upgrades that while not many does help you personalise the way you wanna blow the aliens into bits of slime. The Caterpillar P-5000 Power Loader also makes an appearance in the game and its one of those things that helped make all the shortcomings of the game bearable for just those moment.

Overall this is one game I would only recommend to hardcore fans of the series who do not mind waiting to see if new tweaks and fixes will help improve the game. Anything else would be fans of the series have to continue waiting for a game that would truly bring the Aliens series into the gaming world.

Ratings: 2.5 stars out of 5

By Kenneth Wong
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