Alex Goot and Against The Current Live In Singapore Concert 2014

The evening of 21st August was only going to get better as the crew and I headed over to scape to catch Alex Goot and Against the Current live in concert. You might be asking who these people are. Want to know why hundreds of young people dare to take their music online freely expressing their musical talents these days? Well, that’d be because of the music revolution Goot and Against the Current have started with their personal rendition of covers and writing and performing their original songs.

Alex Goot Against The Current Live In Singapore 02

After watching both Chrissy Costanza and Alex Goot take YouTubers by storm with their incredible musical talent, we could not wait to see them live in Singapore for the very 1st time. How was the show? Read on and let’s find out.

Closer to the start of the show, lines were starting to form and fans looked in anticipation as they eagerly awaited to get in. 4 performances awaited us that evening.

Alex Goot Against The Current Live In Singapore 2014 - Gentle Bones

Gentle bones, a local Singaporean band that kick started us off and opened with their string instruments with a mix of acoustic guitar and violin. Serenading us to a catchy anthem like song ‘Until we Die’.

Alex Goot Against The Current Live In Singapore 2014 - The Summer State

The summer state also got down to business, jamming to a more upbeat punk rock styled based approach. Considering that it was a Thursday evening, I was quite surprised to see the crowd really getting into the mood clearly ready to usher in the main event of the evening.

Alex Goot Against The Current Live In Singapore 2014 - Chrissy Costanza

With that, it was finally time for against the current to take center stage. The 3 person energetic band saw Chrissy, Dan and Will bring the house down with songs like ‘Another You (Another Way)’, an pop upbeat song both catchy and easy to sing along to. The acoustics of scape’s the ground theatre held up pretty well. Fans were also treated to songs from their most recent cover ‘Aint It Fun’ originally done by Paramore and chocolate by 1975. Chrissy was clearly a fan favorite as fans sang along.

Alex Goot Against The Current Live In Singapore 2014 - Alex Goot

Bring out the final act, Alex Goot himself as the crowd chanted his name enthusiastically. It was the singer’s first time here and boy was he pumped up for a show. From new originals to covers, fans were in for a treat. For a YouTube sensation, Goot sure showed us how to have a Good time with his keyboard and vocal skills. Zapping us to the past with classic hits like ‘A Thousand Miles’ to the rock cult never aging Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a prayer’.

Alex Goot Against The Current Live In Singapore 2014

The high point of the concert saw Chrissy strut back to the stage and performed together with Goot a couple of medley crowd favorites like ‘Good Time’, ‘Catching my breath’ and ‘Call me maybe’. Noticeable original songs like ‘lightning’ was also a hit classic for the fans.

The end of the concert saw the crowd chanting for an encore and 1 more song which brought Alex Goot out onto the stage again singing more of the covers ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Breakeven’. After flying 18000 miles coupled with jetlag, Alex Goot and Against the Current sure brought the house down, thoroughly entertained and proved to be more than just a ‘YouTube One hit wonder’.

Alex Goot Against The Current Live In Singapore 03

Their success brings plenty of inspiration and belief to the young who aren’t afraid to exhibit their musical talents. We look forward to more of their future works. Also, for those actively subscribed to Spotify, you can look up all the artist(s) who performed at the concert.

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Photos by Nicholas Kwan

by Kenneth Choong
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