AKB48 In Singapore

The AKB48 Singapore store at *SCAPE was opened in May and I wasn't able to attend because I was on Holiday. None the less you can read all about it here.

During that time I was in Hong Kong and guess what? While the Singapore store was being launched I was visiting the AKB48 Museum in Hong Kong.

It has all sorts of merchandise such as posters, t-shirts, photobooks and lots more. No photos were allowed inside but from what I remember it was pretty big and totally pink! The designs of the chairs and the amount of "hall of fame" style posters that were up was just amazing. It's you haven't like being a true AKB48 fan till you've been to that place.

It's located in Causeway Bay in front of the Times Square shopping centre so if you're planning a trip to HK soon then you might want to visit that place.

Good thing they allowed me to take a photo at the entrance so I can keep a piece of this as a souvenir of my trip there. Fans of AKB48 should know that the group will be in Singapore several times this year so if you've missed out don't worry I'm sure there's more to come.

You can check out the official AKB48 Singapore website for more updates.

Danker out! 

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