AFA Spring Taikai – O.V.A. Hito & QUIS

With its success over the last 4 years, the event known as Anime Festival Asia has become quite the household name to Japanese Popculture fans from this side of the world. Following up on its AFA 2011 event which saw its largest number of visitors attending, the organisers kicked off 2012 with a new event called AFA Spring Taikai.

AFA Spring Taikai is held in collaboration with *SCAPE Confessions, a platform which gives aspiring musicians a chance to showcase their talent and also for young Singaporeans to have an alternative concert platform to attend and be inspired by. This collaboration gives two local J-Rock bands, O.V.A. Hito and QUIS the opportunity to perform on the same stage with famous Nico Nico Douga singers, Gero and Dasoku as well as world famous cosplayer, KANAME☆.

Kenneth Wong braves screaming fans and light sticks to report from the photopit.

O.V.A Hito

Starting off the Sunday night is one band that is no stranger to local Japanese popular culture events. A 5 piece band with drums, guitar, bass, a lead singer and lots of driven spirit, O.V.A. Hito is always one band I never fail to look out for when on event coverage assignments.

Perhaps what always catches my attention is their on-stage ethics especially the lead singer with his choice of outfit and sunglasses. The rest of the band members are equally a joy to shoot as well with one of the guitarists who had quite a number of female fans, gave a bit of what we call “fan service”.

O.V.A. Hito got the event off to a good start with songs like Last Alliance by Shissou (Ouran High School Host Club OP theme) and one of my favorites, Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung Fu Generation (Naruto OP theme). Fans of the Japanese drama series Beautiful Life were treated to Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni by B’z and the band ended of with Monochromo no Kiss by Sid (Kuroshitsuji OP theme).


Formed back in 2008 by a group of friends, QUIS has definitely come a long way from starting out as a hobby to a band that is no stranger to stage and public performances. Another band that I would always look out for events, QUIS is probably one band that surprised me the most when I first saw them on stage.

While the band looks “normal” at first glance but do not judge this book by its cover as their music and passion they put in on stage is anything but “normal”. From their first song of Butterfly by Wada Koji (Digimon Adventures theme) with Core Pride by UVERWorld (Ao No Exorist OP Theme) following after, the whole concert hall was rocking to their music.

QUIS ended their set with a classic from Asian Kung Fu Generation, RE:RE followed by a personal favorite of mine, Wherever You Are by One Ok Rock. A really nice way to end looking at how it got the crowd really going with with light sticks waving in unison and that warm tingling feeling all around.

A Showcase for Local Bands

While this is just one segment of the whole AFA Spring Taikai event with both bands opening for Gero, Dasoku and KANAME☆, it was a good chance for O.V.A. Hito and QUIS to showcase their talent. I am glad that both bands took that chance well and it really set the mood for the rest of the event later on.

Do also check out our gallery of photos of both band in action

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