How We Started Out

It all began on a Sunday afternoon over an Iced lemon tea and Sprite. Two good friends were having a drink at a local fast food joint were having a discussion about a pop culture event they just attended. One topic led to another and soon the idea of a simple website about pop culture as a side project to consolidate the various materials and information as hobbyists into an online presence.

The idea sounded like something the two friends could handle and while Kenneth went off to settle the back-end IT stuff, Elliott went off to research into the topics that the two of them could cover in the website and how the overall structure of it should be. One thing led to another and as issues were ironed out, ideas turned into reality and POPCulture online was born.

For Fans By Fans

POPCulture Online will take a “For Fans By Fans” direction in all that we do and touch on. While we do not expect to be able to churn out top grade professional material like the stuff we pay for as hobbyists, we would like to also say that our promise to you, our readers, is that the POPCulture Online team aka The Pop Crew will strive to do the best that we can.