AAA (Attack All Around) Media Conference

A group that has come a long way since they first debuted in 2005, 7-member Japanese pop group (under the Avex Trax label) Attack All Around or AAA has been gone from a humble background to one that has not only won the Best New Comer award in 2006 for Blood on Fire but has also gone on to become the ambassador for the hit anime One Piece with their song “Wake Up!”.

As a very special treat for fans here in Singapore, AAA held their Media Conference at Bugis+ which is rare as this means members of the public and especially fans get to be there as well compared to the usual closed door ones. As early as 8.30am, fans arrived at the venue to purchase AAA’s 9th studio album “GOLD SYMPHONY” for a chance to be part of the Hi-Touch session with band members Takahiro Nishijima, Misako Uno, Naoya Urata, Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Shinjirō Atae, Shūta Sueyoshi, Chiaki Itō.

AAA (Attack All Around) Media Conferece Singapore 2015 Bugis+

Introducing themselves to everyone present at the media conference, members of AAA were as excited as the fans present about coming back to Singapore as the first destination of their AAA Asia Tour this year. Needing no warming up like veterans on stage, the members took their seats as they answered questions from members of the media.AAA (Attack All Around) Media Conferece Singapore 2015 Bugis+

Sharing the humbling beginnings that shaped the group’s motivation and drive as performers, the group recalled how they started out performing on the streets and as a group, this helped developed tenacity and determination. They also shared how their performance were usually watched by 2 or 3 audience and after the performance, they would give out stickers to the audience only to see them being thrown away. This was something the members would remember as special episodes before their debut that help strengthen their mind set as performers.

AAA (Attack All Around) Media Conferece Singapore 2015 Bugis+

Members of AAA also shared places of interest that they would like to visit now that they are back in Singapore again, having visited Sentosa during their previous trip here. From the Night Safari to the G-MAX Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay, not forgetting Gardens by the Bay and also shopping. The group also shared how they were looking forward to some of the local food here in Singapore and had one of the local favourites, chicken rice for lunch before the media conference.

AAA (Attack All Around) Media Conferece Singapore 2015 Bugis+

AAA members were also treated to a local snack, the Pandan Cake, while host Reiko explained the ingredients what the snack is made out of. The reaction from the AAA members were definitely positive as they took turns to feed each other and also for Chiaki Itou who shared that her favourite was coconut milk (which is used in the making of Pandan Cakes) earlier. Hopefully they will also get to try another local favourite, the Laksa, which the audience suggested they try here in Singapore. Just remember to do it after the concert as the spicy dish are not the best of friends with vocal cords.

AAA (Attack All Around) Media Conferece Singapore 2015 Bugis+

Ending the media conference off was the special Hi-Touch session for fans who queued early to get their hands on the 9th studio album “GOLD SYMPHONY” which were sold earlier at the Rock Records booth. From the local fans to some who will be following the band around on their Asia tour, everyone was all smiles as they got a chance to meet the AAA members up close. AAA members also took a wefie with their all fans who turned up for the media conference.

AAA (Attack All Around) Media Conferece Singapore 2015 Bugis+

Fans can look forward to the Singapore Concert of the WAKUWAKU JAPAN Presents AAA ASIA TOUR 2015 -ATTACK ALL AROUND- Supported by KOJI happening at *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre on Saturday evening. The concert is a sold out one and fans can look forward to an exciting performance by AAA (Attack All Around). Doors open at 7pm with the concert starting at 8pm.


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