AAA (Attack All Around) ASIA TOUR 2015 Singapore Concert

AAA Attack All Around ASIA TOUR 2015 Singapore Concert SCAPE The Ground Theatre

Performing to a sell-out crowd at the *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre, Japanese group AAA (Attack All Around) sang their hearts out last Saturday night. Opening the concert with the upbeat “Party It Up” from their 8th studio album “Eighth Wonder” in their matching purple flora inspired outfits, AAA memberes Takahiro Nishijima, Misako Uno, Naoya Urata, Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Shinjirō Atae, Shūta Sueyoshi, Chiaki Itō were all set to entertain with both their slick moves and vocals that propelled the group up the charts over the last 10 years.

AAA Attack All Around ASIA TOUR 2015 Singapore Concert SCAPE The Ground Theatre

Moving onto “Love Is In The Air” with their synchronised moves as a group followed with “Shout and Shake”, AAA continued to bring on the high energy with all the light stick movements from the audience. Even though they did mention that they are feeling the heat thanks to the humid weather here in Singapore, it sure didn’t stop the group from keeping up with their high tempo moves and entertaining the audience the night through.

Without showing signs of slowing down, AAA continued with “さよならの前に” and “Lil’ Infinity” before taking everyone back to their earlier songs “MUSIC!!!”, “虹” and “恋音と雨空” with a costume change to a white theme for everyone. Ending with another hit Ballard “Love”, it is not hard to see from the faces of everyone that it was an enjoyable past hour plus.

But of course, what is a concert without an Encore and as a special treat for the AAA members, sections of the audience sang “Bokura no Te” which brought back AAA in the AAA Asia Tour 2015 tee shirts for their encore set. What set the encore apart from other concert encore sets were the time spent (a good 20 minutes at least) were members of AAA interacted with the group like a live talk show.

AAA Attack All Around ASIA TOUR 2015 Singapore Concert SCAPE The Ground Theatre

From discussions about food (that I do hope the group managed to try before leaving Singapore) like Laksa and Bak Kut Teh to both Misako Uno & Shinjirō Atae trying to get Takahiro Nishijima to speak a few lines of English. It was not hard to tell that both AAA members and the audience were having a fun time. Sadly all good things have to come to an end with AAA performing “Wake Up!” which is also the 17th opening for the hit anime series “One Piece”.

Overall it was a good night and even though I was recovering from a slight sinus from the long draining work week, somehow the high energy concert and the super contagious personalities of the band members were just what the doctor ordered.

AAA (Attack All Around) ASIA TOUR 2015 Singapore Concert Setlist


  1. Party It Up
  2. Love Is In The Air
  3. Shout and Shake
  4. さよならの前に
  5. Lil’ Infinity
  6. MUSIC!!!
  7. 恋音と雨空
  8. V.O.L
  9. Show Time
  10. Love


  1. ハリケーン・リリ、ボストン・マリ
  2. 777 ~We can sing a song~
  3. Wake Up!

Concert photos courtesy of Avex Management Inc.

by Kenneth Wong.
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