A Visit to Donburi Revolution 2018

Held at Marina Square’s Central Atrium from 19 to 21 October was Singapore’s very first DIY Donburi Event, Donburi Revolution 2018. Organized by WAttention Singapore to educate and encourage the public to experience the deliciousness of Japanese rice from various Japanese prefectures. Curious about the event, this writer gave in to his cravings of Japanese food to check out the event.

Donburi Revolution 2018 Booth 01

While the event setup was simple, it was also effective is the process for you to get your food. First you pick up your rice for free if you registered or pay $2, next you head over to the six booths to pick your toppings and lastly find a place to eat.

Things become complicated when you want to mix and match the various toppings from the different stores but interestingly that’s where the fun begins. For example, you could have half serving of curry beef, half serving of eel and select specific tempura pieces… or you can be greedy like me and have full servings from two different booths.

Donburi Revolution 2018 Booth 03

Depending on what you select, a bowl could be had under $10 if you are a small eater or in the $30s range if you like to pile on the toppings like me. I had a mixture of Kobe beef, tempura store and more beef for day two while day three was a mixture of beef curry and eel with egg.

Donburi Revolution 2018 Bowl 02

Donburi Revolution 2018 Bowl 01

It was definitely worth the $40+ I spent over the two meals as this is probably the very rare time where you get to mix and match the toppings for your donburi. Pricing is also decent considering the price of Japanese food in Singapore. Only complain I have is the lack of seats as I ended up on the standing table for both days. I am not sure if it’s the venue or organizers were not expecting the numbers but hopefully we will see the event at a bigger place next round.

Official photos courtesy of Donburi Revolution

By Kenneth Wong

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