A Trip to Doujin Market (Doujima) 2016

Returning this year with a new location and new content is the Doujin Market 2016 event which saw 90 Doujin groups and more than a 100 exhibiting artists producing both Eastern and Western pop-culture inspired and original content. Always one to support local artists, we head down to check out Doujin Market 2016 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (L2), The Crescent.

Doujin Market Doujima 2016 Suntec (1)

The first thing to mind upon entering the event area is how big the place is compared to the old *SCAPE location. Thankfully so as well as afternoon crowd on Day 1 was just crazy; you would have thought the Great Singapore Sale is on. If anything looking at all the excited faces on the event goers, you can’t help but conclude that whatever Neo Tokyo Project did for this year’s Doujin Market, it sure worked!

Doujin Market Doujima 2016 Suntec (16)

Being a Doujin event (for those new to the term) amateur self-published works, including manga, novels, fan guides, art collections, music and video games (thank you Prof Wikipedia), you not only have local artist giving their own spin on popular Anime characters but also interesting items like handmade tails which will come in handy for cosplay purposes and cosplay photo touch up services.

Doujin Market Doujima 2016 Suntec (29)

Talking about video games, this year’s Doujin Market also sees the Visual Novel Hub (presented by Afterthought Studios) where event goers can try out the various demos at the respective booths. While not main stream yet, these are quite a hit in the community and it was refreshing to see local Visual Novels works with standards close to commercial ones.

Doujin Market Doujima 2016 Suntec (19)

Returning this year as well are the various Seminars which covered both days. From learning how to start and run a Doujin Circle to crowd sourcing your own creative projects, reception was good with audiences sitting on available spaces on the floor as the chairs were mostly occupied.

Doujin Market Doujima 2016 Suntec (17)

It was also nice to see familiar faces and names as well such as Daiyaku and its iconic blue bird, local artist group Liongeeks and Collateral Damage Studios whose manager gave the talk on “Starting and Running a Doujin Circle”.

Doujin Market Doujima 2016 Suntec (32)

Oh and of course not forgetting the various cosplayers who added that additional colour to the event. From your normal roaming ones to even ones at the booths, I’m sure those who brought along cameras (handphones to DSLRs) would have gotten quite a few good snaps. Sure it’s not a cosplay event but the good people at Neo Tokyo Project made it cosplay friendly which helped.

Doujin Market Doujima 2016 Suntec (26)

Overall Doujin Market 2016 felt like a serious upgrade over last year and whatever secret recipe that the organisers did, I sure hope there will be more of it next year!

Additional photos by Ken Koh.

By Kenneth Wong

© POPCulture Online 2016

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