A Tribute To Paul Walker

On 30 Nov, news of actor Paul Walker’s fatal car crash sent many fans and even celebrities into a silent, chilling sense of disarray. The news seemed almost unbelievable and many started googling the news in the hopes that it was fake but with news sites like CNN reporting it, the hard truth started to sink in.

Even his fellow cast members of the Fast & Furious franchise couldn’t believe it. Vin Diesel himself took 2 days to break his silence. Tyrese Gibson broke down in tears upon reaching the crash site and director James Wan tweeted that he “couldn’t do anything” because he was lost.

We at POPCulture Online are huge fans of the Fast & Furious Franchise and so we’ve decided to share with you our favourite Paul Walker moments from the franchise.

paul walker 4

For me, it will always be the scene from the first movie where he races Vin Diesel for the first time, almost wins and then tells Dom “Dude I almost had you man”

Elliott Danker

paulwalker 2

I will always remember the scene at the end of Fast 5 where Brian challenges Dom to the final race to see who is the best racer. There is something about the friendly rivalry between Brian and Dom that keeps the tension interesting.

Kenneth Wong


I love the scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious when Paul looks at the Eva Mendez and drives without looking at the road and then he’s still manages to stop hi Evo 7 at the traffic light.

Ken Koh

Film Title: Fast Five

The very first scene from The Fast and The Furious where Brian was racing down in his tricked out Mitsubishi Eclipse and realizes that he needed more power. As a car lover and wannabe racer, that scene has always played out in my head. Needing that extra bhp for the run has always been a life long project for any “racer”

Alex Tan

paul walker 5

My favourite Paul walker moment is from 2 Fast 2 Furious when Paul Walker laughs at Tyrese for being so happy after successfully stealing 2 stacks of cash while he managed to hid a whole bag. There’s that sense of humour from this man that makes you see him as more than just an actor, he’s a genuine good hearted human being.

Chen Kangyi

paul walker 6

Universal Pictures has brought online a special video tribute to Paul Walker and his franchise role of Brian O’Conner. You can watch it in the player below.

Production of “Fast & Furious 7” has been put on hold indefinitely, and some Hollywood insiders are saying the actor’s death puts the studio in “uncharted territory” with no clear way forward.

From all of us at POPCulture Online, our heartfelt condolences go out to the Walker family.

We miss you Paul and the Fast & Furious won’t be the same without you. Rest In Peace

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