A Thank You Gift from Namie Amuro

Japanese singer Namie Amuro has made her latest song, “arigatou”, which means thank you in Japanese, a free to download song on her official facebook page. This is the first time the Japanese star has made her song available for free download.

The song “arigatou” is the one Namie Amuro sang during the encore of her nationwide tour, “namie amuro LIVE STYLE 2011”, and also on the CM for KOSE EWPRIQUE where it was done acappella. The song can also be found on her latest single, “Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! / Love Story” with the title “thank the world for LOVE…gift song 2011”.

“arigatou” which means thank you in Japanese, is a present from Namie Amuro as a thank you gift to everyone who came forward to help out Japan during the nation’s tough times this year when it was hit by the tsunami and earthquake.

The song with its lyrics (both in Japanese and English Translation) is available for download here.