A Quick Trip to Comex 2011

It is that time of the year where we have one of the biggest consumer technology show happening, Comex 2011. And here in POP Tech, we follow POPCulture Online’s resident IT Guy & In-house Gamer down as they make a quick stop to do some window shopping.

First stop is over to the Audio Technical Booth which cannot be missed with its trademark logo.

Time to hunt for a new headphones and here we have almost everything from their catalog on display and for your listening pleasure.

And if you are into serious music listening, do remember to check out their audiophile section.

Oh and looks like something caught our resident IT Junkie’s eye, we’ll definitely get him to share his thoughts on it in the future.

Next stop is off to the gamer’s dream gear, Razer.

Here we see the upcoming Battlefield 3 Razer gear for those times when driving the biggest tank on the battlefield is not enough to win the game.

After all, nothing beats pwning your enemies with a mouse that says it all! Word from one of the  guys from the local distro is that currently it is not out in the retail channels yet, arm chair warriors should keep a look out for announcements.

Do watch out for future reviews in POP Tech especially with the latest purchases by the crew from Comex 2011. More to come so watch this space.

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