A Peak into PCO’s Whatsapp group chat

After we decided that we were going to feature Avengers Endgame this month (like that was ever really up for discussion). We wanted to each share which Marvel film was our personal favorites. So here’s a peak into what went on in our Whatsapp group chat.

Time to each select a favourite Marvel film and why

Ken Koh

Black Panther because I love cats and the Wakanda Salute! *WakandaForever

Tessie Tan

I like the first Thor movie. Because Tom Hiddleston was so precious in there.

Oh the less shallow side….hahaha…… Thor is a hero that showed me that heroism means striving to be a better version of yourself, and Loki is a villain that I can empathise with. But mostly because of Hiddles.

Kenneth Wong

Captain America: The First Avenger. Steve Rogers is a man with a big heart but didn’t have the physical strength or “powers” to match his heart.

The part with him covering the fake grenade really showed it all. Even when given the super soldier powers, his heart remained “pure” till the end, sacrificing himself.

Alex Tan

The first Iron Man movie. Without RDJ and Ironman, there might not even be any marvel universe right now. And he might seems like a selfish and full of himself person.

But deep down he is always looking out for his friends and is willing to lay down whatever he can do to help. He is just so HUMAN to me.

At this point, Kenneth asked why there was no love for Ant Man. The answer was because he hasn’t exploded in Thanos’s ass yet.

After getting distracted we eventually got back down to serious business. Here’s what everyone else said was their favourite Marvel film.

Chen Kangyi

Thor Ragnarok because of the dramatic shift of tone for Thor and they took the risk of hiring Taika as director.

Nicholas Kwan

Captain Marvel. Brie Larson in a nine inches nails t-shirt did it for me. And also all the 90s references and Samuel L Jackson looks like he just came out of pulp fiction.

Elliott Danker

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Because this movie gave us The Russo Brothers. Because the Russo Brothers gave us Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame.

Enjoy The Endgame

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