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This month our cover story is on Captain America: The First Avenger. We look at the different characters in the movie and you're in for a treat with all the featurettes from the movie in our coverage. This of course thanks to United International Pictures Singapore who were kind enough to invite us to the premiere screening of the movie and the awesome cover art. I'm a huge Iron Man fan but i gotta say i enjoyed this a lot more because it was seeing the origins of superheroes, the leader of the Avengers, the one comic which eventually lead to Iron Man in the first place so I know it may sound weird but there was a lot of emotions for me watching Cap on the big screen.

We're constantly developing in our quest to provide you with a credible popular culture magazine and what better way than to include some tech stuff. We're now placing all our game and gadget reviews in the all new POP Tech. This month's gadget is from Audio-Technica in what promises to be the most stylish looking and glorious sounding pair of earphones. Trust me it's a truly wonderful listening experience, read all about it in POP Tech.

I guess while preparing for this issue what really caught my attention would be when we got to meet Neon Trees. The band in a tie up with Diesel held a meet and greet session with their fans at Diesel Paragon. Just standing there watching the band pay absolute attention to every one of their fans was really nice. There was no air about them, they just behaved like very genuine down to earth people. Even when we were recording their greeting our camera had some trouble and it wasn't till much later that we realised that the recording was not done well, they over heard and when we asked if we could do it again, they were already in position ready for another take. I like how they kept it real while being professional at the same time.

POPCulture Online is also pleased to announce that we are supporting media for the Singapore Toys Games and Comic Convention that hits our shores 20 and 21 August. Check out our extensive coverage leading up to the big day with comic book artistes, movie replica toys and loads and loads of international names come down for the ultimate pop culture experience.

As always thank you very much for your support and for being a part of this magazine that is made for fans by fans.

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Editor of POPCulture Online


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