Japan’s Largest City-Style Music Festival “a-nation” Comes To Singapore

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Held for the 13th year, Japan’s largest city-style music festival “a-nation” has attracted over 4 million attendees. With this year’s theme of “Taking Japanese Entertainment to Asia”, the event will be held in Singapore for the first time this year.

Organisers announced the first group of artistes for “a-nation singapore” today. From Japan, Ayumi Hamasaki, m-flo, Sonar Pocket and Wagakki Band, together with AARON from Taiwan will perform in Singapore on 18 October 2014, at The MasterCard® Theatres at Marina Bay Sands.

Together with popular models from Japan, a-nation will entertain audiences with both music and fashion-related programmes, as part of their first Singapore performance.

Organised by Japan’s No.1 entertainment company “avex”, “a-nation” is Japan’s largest city-style music festival. As a premium showcase held for the first time in Singapore, catch top artistes performing up close and the latest fashion-related content, which will be announced closer to date.

Tickets will range from SGD138 to SGD248, with general ticket sales starting online on August 29, 10am. More artistes and event information will be announced closer to date. For more information, please check out http://a-nation.net/singapore/ and https://www.facebook.com/avex.singapore/.

The a-nation singapore Premium Showcase at The MasterCard® Theatres at Marina Bay Sands will take place on the 18th of October 2014 with doors opening at 3pm and the show starting at 5pm local time.

Artist Information:

Aaron Yan (Taiwan)

a-nation Singapore Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan, a multi-talented artiste, released his solo album “The Moment” in 2012. In 2014, he launched his latest double-titled music album [Cut] & [Drama] respectively, portraying different sides of Aaron Yan.

Aaron Yan has also successfully carved his acting career in many renowned drama serials with record breaking viewership. To date, he has starred in different roles, from a smart detective to the talented violinist. Recently in drama “Fall in Love with me”, he made a breakthrough by playing two different roles, a prodigy in the advertising field and an intern boy in a mini advertising firm. Regardless of acting or singing, Aaron Yan never fails to surprise his fans with new elements.

official site http://aaron.ponycanyon.co.jp/

Ayumi Hamasaki (Japan)

a-nation Singapore Ayumi Hamasaki

Born in Fukuoka in 1978, Hamasaki debuted with the single “Poker Face” on April 8th, 1998. She won the Japan Record Award for 3 consecutive years from 2001 to 2003, an unprecedented record that solidified her reign on top. She has released 51 singles, 15 original albums and many other famous works that have gone down in J-pop history. To date, her sales have exceeded 50 million copies, a major accomplishment. Her latest original album, “Colours” was released on July 1st this year.

official site: http://avex.jp/ayu/

m-flo (Japan)

a-nation Singapore m-flo

m-flo is a production unit that formed when international school classmates, VERBAL and ☆Taku, met and began working together. With music woven by ☆Taku’s brilliant high quality tracks and VERBAL’s lyrical flow, m-flo infused a new wind into the Japanese music scene by working freely throughout the underground and into the mainstream.

official site: http://m-flo.com

Sonar Pocket (Japan)

a-nation Singapore Sonar Pocket

Extraordinary writers of extremely relatable love songs, Sonar Pocket is a trio from Nagoya consisting of ko-dai, eyeron, and matty. The supreme pop music created by the three, with different musical backgrounds, captures the hearts of a wide range of people regardless of their age or sex. The unique world of Sonar Pocket which uses familiar motifs in their songs, is gaining strong support mainly from girls who are sensitive to relationship issues.

official site: http://www.sonapoke.jp/

Wagakki Band (Japan)

a-nation Singapore Wagakki Band

Wagakki Band is a neo-sensational Japanese style rock band that fuses Shigin (Chinese poetry recitation), Japanese instruments and hard rock. Their music video has an impressive amount of views on video sites and has been getting flooded with access from all over the world. Wagakki band is a new group with a huge expectations in 2014 and tremendous momentum with their debut album “Vocalo Zanmai” which hit #5 on the Oricon weekly chart!
They performed at JAPAN EXPO 2014 in Paris this July. Every member of the band has a grand master certificate in music and each has won national competitions in Japan.

official site: http://wagakkiband.jp

photo credits : a-nation Singapore

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