A Humble Beginning

Welcome to the very first edition of POPCulture Online. A new online magazine that sits somewhere in the Asia Pacific region in a cold data center living in one of the many hard disk of a random server. But I am sure you did not click on this link to listen to me rant away the technicalities that happen behind the scenes did you?

To be honest, I am no media expert and thinking of what to write for the very first edition is no easy task. Had I known I would be writing this years back, I would have done a degree in new media or something related instead of digital security. Then again none of us can see into the future so no point worrying about which degree I should have taken then.

I figured out the best way to start this magazine off is to set the tone and direction in which both me and my partner, Elliott decided on by telling you, our nice reader how this idea of an online magazine about pop culture came about.

It all started on a Sunday afternoon over an Iced lemon tea and Sprite. Yup no fancy gatherings or such, just 2 good friends having a nice drink over a little discussion about a pop culture event we attended. Somehow we chanced upon the idea of doing up a simple website together as a side project to consolidate the various materials and information as hobbyists into an online presence. It sounded like a good idea and off I went to settle the back-end IT stuff while Elliott went off to research into the topics that we could cover and the overall structure.

Different issues were ironed out and as ideas slowly turned into reality, POPCulture Online stopped looking like a simple weekend project and started to take shape into what it is today. All it needed was someone to believe that we could do even more and both me and Elliott never looked back since.

After all, one look at the cover page of the lovely Olivia Wilde in her Tron Legacy costume and it is not hard to guess who that was. And for that, I would like to make a special mention to Watt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore for giving us a helping hand in our first issue of the magazine.

POPCulture Online will take a “For Fans By Fans” direction in all we do and what we touch on. While we do not expect to be able to churn out top grade professional material like the stuff we pay for as hobbyists, I would like to also say that my promise to you, our readers, is that the POPCulture Online team aka The Pop Crew will strive to do the best that we can.

After all, as fans ourselves, we believe that fans deserve the best.


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