5 Reasons To Visit Sentosa’s Siloso GrillFest

Held over two weekends, on 13 – 16 April 2017 and 21 – 23 April 2017, Sentosa’s Siloso Grillfest is home to almost 1km of pop-up food stalls which is sure to delight food lovers looking for quality BBQ food. But with Singaporeans spoilt for choice with food events, is the trip down to Sentosa for this BBQ festival worth it? Our webmaster makes the trip to the end of the North East Line to tell you why Sentosa got it right with Siloso GrillFest

A Wide Spread got Grilled Food Lovers

 Sentosa Siloso GrillFest Greenwood Fish Market

The food event sees establishments such as Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Spuds & Approns, PAUL Singapore, Mykonos On The Bay, Greenwood Fish Market, Thong Lor Thai Cuisine and Wave House Sentosa participating in the inaugural Siloso GrillFest. This means that no matter what your cravings are for the night, there will be a booth to satisfy. Foodies will also want to check out Greenwood Fish Market’s apple wood smoker at booth 18 where you get to see them smoke their delicious food live!

Seats and Lots of them

 Sentosa Siloso GrillFest Seats

One complain many have at the various food events here in Singapore is that there is always a lack of seats or even an absence of them. Fear not for at the Siloso GrillFest, seats are plentiful. Every cluster of stores will see lots of benches and tables nearby for you to rest your feet and tug into the delicious grilled food.

Free Wifi for All

Sentosa Siloso GrillFest Free Wifi

In today’s digital age, it has become almost second nature for us to look for WiFi hot spots as our data bundle never seems to be enough. Well here in Sentosa, Wireless@SG is all around with very decent signal strength and speed. This means you can not only make your friend’s regret not coming down to Siloso GrillFest with you by sharing photos of the yummy food on Instagram but also capture the beautiful sunset onto Facebook while you tuck into a yummy BBQ squid, prawn or oyster.

Singapore’s Longest Brick Barbecue Pit

 Sentosa Siloso GrillFest Singapore Longest Brick Barbecue Pit

At approximately 4.9 metres long and 0.9 metres tall, Siloso GrillFest is also home to Singapore’s Longest Brick Barbecue Pit. Constructed with around 310 bricks, the barbecue pit took a team of five about seven hours to complete. The barbecue pit of 3 sections (a main grill, a tandoor oven to bake Naan the traditional way and a side grill to barbeque the Tikka) and is located at Spuds & Aprons (booth 7). Something all barbecue fans will want to check out!

Great Music For Everyone

Sentosa Siloso GrillFest Jack In the Box

A great food event like the Siloso GrillFest deserves great music and visitors will get to enjoy great music every night at the Emerald Pavilion each night. With performances by Jack & Rai, Jack In the Box, The JumStart and MUSA The Collective, you can be sure that it will always be an entertaining evening at the BBQ festival.

Webmaster’s Pick


Photo courtesy of Greenwood Fish Market

From the Pork & Seaweed Rinds from FOC Sentosa to the Char Grilled Chicken Burger from Wave House Sentosa, it was a night of feasting for me. But if you ask me which dish I would pick as my favorite, it has to be the Grilled Oysters from Greenwood Fish Market. Anyone who knows me well enough will know I prefer to look at salt-water bivalve molluscs during my dive trips rather than put them into my stomach. But there was just something about the way these oysters were grilled that I chomped down two without thinking.

Sentosa definitely got their first GrillFest right and  yes it is worth making the trip all the way to the end of the North East Line and walking down the boardwalk or queuing up for the Sentosa Express. Just remember to bring your Mastercard if you have as there is also a promotion going on to stretch their dollar even more.

By Kenneth Wong

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