5 Reasons to Play World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

With the Pre-Patch hitting the live servers indicating that we have less than a month to the next World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, Kenneth Wong rounds up his Beta experience to share 5 reasons to get excited about it.

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This is War

Whether you are a PvPer that thrives on the PvP realms and find honor and glory in killing members of the opposite fraction or the type that prefer the safer PvE realms where PvP action is kept to battlegrounds and the storyline, Battle for Azeroth has something for you.

World PvP is now an option by choice and not forced upon you just because your character is on a PvP realm. This is the new Warmode option and anyone can jump onto it just with a few clicks and jump out when they want no distractions in completing that quest.

Of course when there is danger, there are rewards and Warmode will bring greater rewards, from 10% increase in experience gain so you can reach end game faster and 10% increase in resource gain from world quest when you hit max level. Raiders will also want to consider this as the more Azerite you get, the faster the Azerite traits unlock.

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Explore New Islands

Island Expeditions are a new form of content where you only need 2 other players of any role to head out to some random island and farm Azerite. This means lesser waiting time compared to a typical dungeon since you don’t need specific roles like the current scenario type of content.

Here you only have 1 objective, to farm more Azerite than the opposing team which can either be AI or actual Players. Farming Azerite can either take in the form of mining them or killing enemies who have Azerite in them. Be warned that if the opposing team kills you, they will take over all the hard work you have put in so there is that extra danger to make things exciting.

Clearing enough Island Expeditions also rewards a huge chunk of Azerite at the end of each week so this is something that should be on everyone’s to do list once max level.

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Leveling to 120

Ok so leveling has always not been something to look forward to especially after having to level the allied races from 20 – 110 just for that heritage armour. Thankfully the leveling process from 110 to 120 isn’t that painful and can actually be positive if you prepare for it.

The main contributing factor would be that the new zones to quest in are actually good and more coherent now, thus giving a better storytelling experience. Rather than individual zones and outcomes in Legion, there is now a bigger purpose in questing in all zones with each related to the overall picture for each fraction. Whether its unifying the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras back under the Proudmoore banner or recruiting the ancient empire of Zandalar and dealing with their intriguing Loa, both storylines are sure to keep things interesting while you quest to level.

Legendary item effects will still be around until level 115 so it would be a good time to optimise them especially with some of their effects now talents to take. Thus killing enemies will be easier for the first 5 levels and that should makes things less painful especially for those kill X enemies for X item and the drop rate is not 100%.

Oh and the Azure Water Strider mount is convenience that you will want for the expansion. Of course if you are a Death Knight than carry on with water walking.

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Transmog Hunters Rejoice

If you were like me trying to find that last few pieces of gear to complete an appearance set and kept banging wall with the personal loot mode that dropped everything else, the new Legacy Loot Mode is here to address it. As long as you are at 10 levels of more than the dungeon or raid you are in, the new loot mode will activate and bosses will drop loot for a full raid.

So if you are still trying to complete that sweet judgement set for your like me, this is the answer to the horror of personal loot in older raids and dungeons. Do take note that there is quite a discussion going on as to what the “at 10 levels or more above the maximum level of the content” means. While at level 120 it does mean most dungeons and raids should fall under this, many are wondering about legion raids. Guess we will only know once pre-patch hits.

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Capturing the Warfronts

One of the my favorite thing to do once I hit max level was to always check if my fraction’s Warfront is up. This is a 20-man, PvE, large-scale cooperative mode meant to represent the large-scale war on the homefront. Think of the good old Warcraft RTS days where this time you are playing on the battlefield instead of controlling the troops from a strategic view.

This means players will have to work together to gather resources to upgrade the AI troops’ armour and weapons, capture strategic points to unlock new troop types and rebel the enemy. While it has been a brute force tactic so far from the games I played where everyone just rushes to capture the strategic points, maxes out the troops and head to the enemy’s base and take out the leader. Abit like LFR in the later stages where everyone just facerolls the content down.

Whether anot the difficulty level would increase when the expansion goes live is yet to be seen from the results of the beta but one thing’s for sure, this has lots of potential I hope to see more warfronts other than the current Arathi Highlands map.

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Battle is Coming

Battle for Azeroth is an interesting take on a familiar game world that many have grown to love (or hate) over the years and some of these new changes are rather bold moves by the devs. While there are still some things that I wish remained from legion like the artifact weapon, where I get to run around with the actual Ashbringer to smite evil, hopefully the new content would make up for it.

Battle for Azeroth will see a global launch for everyone regardless of region on the 13th/14th of August depending on which part of the planet you live on. Pre-Patch has already gone live with some of the new changes in effect and I hope to see you on the warfronts as the Battle for Azeroth begins!

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