5 Reasons to Head Down To Doujin Market 2016

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Doujin Market returns this year for another instalment with organisers Neo Tokyo Project bringing to fans a bigger event with not only more booths but also a dedicated Visual Novel Hub. Held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (L2), The Crescent, Doujin Market 2016 (Doujima 2016) will happen this weekend on the 7th & 8th May (Sat & Sun) 2016.

If you belong to the group of fence sitters, still thinking about heading down to Doujin Market 2016 this weekend, here are 5 reasons to help you out:

1. Location Suntec Go!

This year’s Doujin Market 2016 will be held at Suntec and that means transport woes will not be an issue due to MRT stations nearby(unless of course the MRT breaks down but pray hard it doesn’t). With a choice of the North South, East West and Circle Line, going down will be easy and even if you have something else planned, going to your destination will not be hard.

2. More Phat Loot

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This year’s Doujin Market 2016 will also see a long list of booths setup at the event (last we counted it was 90), waiting to tempt you with goods like Art Books, Badges, Keychains, Spectacle Wipes, Stickers and many more.

With both local artist and those around the region taking part this year, this could be the wallet slimming chance that you have been waiting for! Just remember to be nice to the booth people and bring smaller change like $2 and $10 notes.

3. Recharge with GABU GABU

Yes, this drink has been making its rounds at events and even though we all know it can be slightly sweeter than expected, it still gets the job down when you are looking for something after making your rounds at the event. Just remember not to overdrink excessively (since its free while stocks last) it or you will have to pay a visit to the dentist earlier.

4. Dawn of the Visual Novel Hub

New this year is a dedicated Visual Novel Hub thanks to the good people at Afterthought Studios. For those wondering what is this, well it is an interactive game, featuring mostly static graphics, most often using anime-style art or occasionally live-action stills and sometimes video footage (Thank you Dr Wikipedia).

At the Visual Novel Hub, you can not only give the latest offerings from Afterthought Studios, Naïve Sprites, Star Maiden Games and Weeev a try but also check out the merchandise as more loot is always good.

5. Meet the Industry

For budding artist looking to get a review on their work or curious fans wanting to find out more about crowdfunding, paneling and writing, Doujin Market 2016 has just the thing for you.

Returning again this year are Seminars and Workshops that not only cover skill based topics but also industry knowledge for those looking to get serious. These include “Starting and Running a Doujin Circle”, “Scriptwriting for Comics” and “Multiplying Your Audiences: Social Media Marketing for Doujinkas” and many more.

Artist looking inputs from the Experts or looking to go pro can also head down with their portfolio for review over at Doujin Market 2016. Afterthought Studios, Association of Comic Artists (Singapore) and National Book Development Council of Singapore will be there to take a look at your work and even make you an offer if you are what they are looking for.

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It looks to be an exciting weekend over at Doujin Market 2016 so remember to drop by if you are in the area and withdraw some cash first as the ATMs are a bit of a walk away.

For more information about the event, do head over to the event website and their Facebook page.

Image Credits: Neo Tokyo Project

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