5 Favorite James Bond Theme Songs

If there is something other than the Bond Girls or Agent 007 himself that audiences all over the world remember of a James Bond movie, it is the theme song that plays during the opening credit of the movie.

From alternative rock band Garbage to the great Paul McCartney himself, the singer for each James Bond theme song has also been carefully chosen (well most of the time) to bring out the feel of the song that fits right in to the mood of the movie.

In this month’s issue of POPCulture Online, the POP Crew gets together to share our favorite James Bond theme song (in no particular order) before the latest Bond movie, Skyfall hits town.

Tina Turner – Golden Eye

Anna Mae Bullock (November 26, 1939), better known by her stage name Tina Turner sang the 1995 James Bond movie which sees Pierce Brosnan take on the role of James Bond from Timonthy Dalton. Written by Bono and The Edge of U2 for Tina Turner, this song became one of her highest charting hit singles. Making use of Tina Turner’s unique voice which fits right into the melody of the song, the producers of Golden Eye sure made the right choice in selecting her.

Gladys Knight – License to Kill

Composed by Narada Michael Walden, Jeffrey Cohen and Walter Afanasieff, License to Kill was to be one of the more memorable songs from the entire James Bond series thanks to Gladys Knight’s rich vocals which made the song one of the most soulful as well. Add in that distinct horn line from an Goldfinger, License to Kill became an instant favorite with fans everywhere.

Paul McCartney & Wings – Live And Let Die

Live And Let Die will always be remembered as the first true rock and roll song used as a James Bond theme song. Written by Paul McCartney and his wife Linda, the song was performed by Paul and his group, Wings. The perfect combination of Paul McCartney piano bridge plus the keyboard and guitar made this song not only one of the best Bond theme songs in the whole series but also good enough that the legendary Gunds N’ Roses would want to cover.

Garbage – The World Is Not Enough

Probably one of the most surprising selection to perform a James Bond theme song, Garbage pulled off the song so well that it performed well on many charts in Europe. From Shirley Manson’s voice to the band’s ability to gel with composer David Arnold’s score, The World Is Not Enough will always be remembered as one of the better mordern Bond theme songs.

Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger

If there is a song that best describes the James Bond theme songs of old, it has to be Goldfinger which introduces to the world that famous horn line the mixes of that classic James Bond melody. Sung by UK singer Shirley Bassey who is the only one to record 3 James Bond songs, this is one James Bond theme song that has not only weathered through the times but also one to be remembered as the benchmark for all later songs to achieve.

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