5 Epic Cosplayers You Saw at GameStart 2016

For this article, I challenge myself to not include any of the prize winners of the cosplay runway. Not that it’s much of a challenge. It was always amazing to see cosplayers strutting their stuff at local events, and Gamestart was not an exception.

1. Mini-Mercy from Overwatch

GameStart2016 Cosplayer Mini Mercy Overwatch Team

There are beautiful cosplayers, there are awesome cosplayers, there are cute cosplayers, and there are cosplayers that are all of the above. Just look at this little girl because Lord have mercy, isn’t she just adorable?

2. Jenova from Final Fantasy VII

GameStart2016 Cosplayer Jenova

This was not the first time I’ve seen this cosplayer cosplaying this particular character at an event, but that did not alleviate any of my desire to whimper “Mommy…” when I see her. While I had no problems fighting Jenova (and different parts of her) in the original game, the aura and intimidation are very different when you see her in real life. I’m going to continue to admire this cosplayer from a (safe) distance.

3. Squall Leonhart and 4. Rinoa Heartily from Final Fantasy VIII

GameStart 2016 Cosplayers GameStart 2016 Cosplayers Squall Leonhart

GameStart 2016 Cosplayers Rinoa Heartily

I know I’m cheating by listing them both, but I have to say that one of the most magical moments I had at GameStart 2016 was when I turned around and saw Squall and Rinoa standing behind me as if they had just stepped out of the game. (I do have a soft spot for Final Fantasy VIII as this was my first FF game.)

Though the illusion was quickly broken when they said hi and I remembered that I know these people in real life. Sigh.

5. Deadpool from Marvel Comics

GameStart 2016 Cosplayers Deadpool

1 x Deadpool equals Happening, 2 x Deadpool equals Awesome but 4 x Deadpool trying to take a selfie is just Epic!

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Photos by Ken Koh

By Tessie Tan

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