It’s been 4 years

ZOMG I can’t believe that we’re turning 4 this month! Honestly I’m gonna say that I didn’t expect us to last this long……..and now I think my team wants to kill me for saying that! Hahaha but you know how it is right, if you survive the first 3 years, you’re all set for the long run! I was supposed to write some long boring editors note but I’ve decided that instead I will share with you some of my favourite moments of being a founding member of POPCulture Online.

First, my favourite cover has to be from back in Dec 2011, we got Tom Cruise on the cover! Such an honour for this guy to grace our issue. I think one of the most interesting things about getting Tom (like we’re on a first name basis) to be on the cover was liaising with his management who was very particular about making sure Tom looked good on a worthy cover. Well, we’re glad you deemed us worthy!


I’ve got a really good team and to me they are great because they are honest. They accept me for the way I am. I ain’t perfect and I gotta admit that my patience when it comes to work or even people isn’t the best. Having said that I don’t keep negativity….it comes and it should go just as quickly. So I like that my Art Director is able to squeeze time from writing articles (with bad english) to prepare a meme for me!


So I met the nicest legs in the business. Seriously I’ve met so many international celebrities and I still think Pixie Lott has got the best legs in the business. Oh and we talked about football too which was fun!


Ok so many guys are jealous of me because of the next 2 photos. Imagine being able to joke and hang out with SDN 48 from Japan. I like how they’d call me Elliott-0-san…….apparently they translated that for me. Believe it or not, I think this was one of the rare interviews where I was actually trembling…’s either I was cold or nervous because of what they wore. You would be too.


This one I wasn’t nervous. The photo is because we were goofing around with the poses. You know there had to be a translator during this Kalafina interview because obviously they didn’t speak English and well the only Japanese I know is sushi. But hand gestures and smiles go such a long way in establishing rapport which was a really good lesson for me as well.


But ultimately the best moment has to be the day we launched POPCulture Online back in 2010. It all started with an Iced Lemon Tea and a Sprite in MacDonalds and just like that we came up with an idea that’s gone so far.


I’ll also never forget Jin Jin from Disney back then who believed in us and let us feature Olivia Wilde from Tron Legacy as our very first cover. If she didn’t take a chance on us, we would have never had also those fabulous covers over the years.

Also, from all of us at POPCulture Online, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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