Meeting 2NE1 at the Asia Style Collection

Ever since bursting onto the Korean music scene in 2009, the quartet of of CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom from 2NE1 have been making waves in the industry. In town for the Asia Style Collection as part of the K-Pop Collection, Kenneth Wong meets the 4 girls to talk about their style and what they are currently busy with.

Meeting 2NE1 at the Asia Style Collection

Question: Since we are at a fashion show event, which of your songs would best fit such an occasion?

2NE1: The song would be I’m The Best because of the beat. We had a show with Adidas a couple of days ago and we sang the song I’m The Best and they were doing the runway and it was perfect so that is the song.

Question: Four of you have very distinct fashion styles so would you trust each other to the shopping for you? And has that happen before?

2NE1: Yes we go shopping together a lot but as we have difference styles and taste so even if we are out shopping together, we will be in different sections. But definitely we love going shopping together and have done it before

Question: Can you describe your outfits for tonight?

2NE1: Well tonight we are wearing Givenchy and going for for an all black look.

Question: Tonight’s event see the top Japanese and Korean artist performing together. How do you see the rivalry and competition performing together?

2NE1: Tonight’s event is a fashion festival so I don’t look at it that way. It is like a party and we just want to have fun on stage. It has been such a long time since we’ve been to Singapore and we want to meet our fans and sing and dance together.

Question: With the haze here in Singapore, how do you prepare yourselves and did it hinder you girls from going shopping or sightseeing?

2NE1: We were told to wear a mask all the time but the haze didn’t stop us from coming here. Unfortunately we only arrived last night so we don’t really have the time to go out.

Question: What projects will you be working on after this?

2NE1: Our new single will be coming out next month so we are very busy preparing for that. We will be shooting a video next week and we have to prepare for the performance and everything.

Question: Is there any fashion style that you girls will not want to try or are not comfortable with?

2NE1: We love trying on new stuff so we don’t really hesitate but if it looks good or we love it, I don’t think we will not try it.

Question: 2NE1 will be appearing at G-Dragon’s concert next week so what can fans expect?

2NE1: CL will be featuring in G-Dragon’s single The Leaders. We would love to perform our new song but we can’t (laughter) but it is a good opportunity to meet our fans in Singapore so we are excited at that.

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