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The Evolution of Slam Dunks and Body Slams

GameStart 2014 - 2K Asia Booth Evolve Monster

Fresh off the recent release of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, 2K games kept the ball rolling by showing off their next big releases which included the highly anticipated multiplayer juggernaut Evolve and yearly staples NBA 2K15 and WWE 2K15 at this year’s GameStart 2014.


2K Games Evolve Hunters

The single longest line at GameStart was for Evolve, gamers who wanted to take a stab at Turtle Rock Studio’s latest foray had to endure a gruelling 40 to 70 minute wait. Developer Turtle Rock has always been known for creating the prolific Left 4 Dead franchise. However instead of fighting off hordes of the undead, Evolve pits a team of 4 hunters against a single player controlled monster. You can read my previous hands on with the older build here.

The build shown to me over at GameStart was a newer build which included more hunters and the 2nd monster revealed so far: Cthulhu inspired Kraken.

The first new addition to the hunter’s team was a support named Bucket, Bucket is a robot with a detachable head that works like a UAV, he is able to traverse the map and tag the monster for the team. When it’s time to kick ass, Bucket comes equipped with a rocket launcher and sentry guns.

The 2nd playable character in the Assault Class: Hyde, was playable as well. Hyde is literally a walking tank, he comes equipped with a rapid firing minigun, a flame thrower for all his roasting needs, a personal shield and toxic grenades.

One of the main criticisms of Val the Medic, was her inability to revive downed team mates despite her insanely useful skill set. This is where Lazarus comes into play; unlike Val, Lazarus trades a thruster pack for a cloaking device, a heavy sniper rifle for a weaker albeit quieter silenced sniper rifle and finally, he traded in an active healing gun for his revival pack aptly named The Lazarus Device. It’s worth noting that although Lazarus is able to revive downed hunters, he is unable to actively heal them of injuries.

The final addition to the hunting team is Trapper Maggie and her pet Trapjaw, Daisy. Like the other Trapper Griffin, Maggie herself comes equipped with a Harpoon launcher which can hinder the monster’s movement if it strikes true, she can also deploy a mobile arena which traps everything in a huge dome including hunters and wildlife.

Last but certainly not least we have the Kraken who would make any Lovecraftian fan excited. While the Goliath relied on pure speed and unadulterated ferocity to wreak havoc, the Kraken requires a more delicate touch, well… as delicate as shooting lightning from your giant wings and blowing everything away with giant vortexes. What it lacks for in speed and toughness, the Kraken made up for with its ability of flight which adds a new level of verticality.

NBA 2K15

Let me start off by saying, I’m not a fan of basketball, never knew the rules, never knew much except the fact that the objective is to sink as many balls into the hoop as possible. I jumped straight into the game, I was honestly astounded by the sheer details that was on the court; individual player’s sweat and facial expressions can be seen while the animations made a video game seemed like an actual stream of an NBA game. Though I was struggling with the game itself, the controls were simple enough for me to sink some shots and even score a single 3 pointer!

WWE 2K15

2K Games WWE 2K15 John Cena

More than 10 years ago, in the heyday of the WWE/WWF, I was your typical kid in love with pro wrestling. I would practice wrestling moves on my cousins and play WWF games endlessly on my PS1. Fast forward to present day, I can barely recognize the current roster however I still picked up the controller and started playing. The graphical fidelity of WWE 2K15 really nailed the look of the individual wrestlers (well…those that I recognized), John Cena really looked like a superhero while Randy Orton looked like well…Randy Orton! The animations of wrestlers have also made leaps and bounds since I last played a WWE game, wrestlers now move around the ring realistically. They would start to stagger and even hold parts of an injured limb, just like on TV!

GameStart 2014 2K Games Booth Evolve Queue Wait Time

2K brought some of their biggest releases to GameStart 2014 and they certainly did not disappoint (over an hour’s wait for Evolve anyone?).

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