24th Single AKB48 Janken Tournament

So what does a simple game of Scissors-Paper-Stone have to do with a whole tournament in Japan’s Budokan stadium with flashy lights and a whole production setup that can rival any concert setting?

Well for the uninitiated, this seemingly simple game will be used to determine who will be in AKB48’s 24th single lineup. And that is not all, the overall winner of the whole tournament will also get to be in the center of the 24th Single as well!

With stakes this high, it is no wonder that AKB48 fans all over have a keen interest in this tournament. And just for local fans here in Singapore, the whole tournament was live streamed in a cinema and thanks to AKB48 Singapore, POPCulture Online was there to experience it as well.

In a knockout format, many of the AKB48 members including some from SKE48 and NMB48 took turns to go up against each other. And after 2 intense rounds, we have the top 16 members eho will be featured in the 24th single:

AKB48 – Shinoda Mariko
AKB48 – Fujie Reina
AKB48 – Kobayashi Marina (Research Student)
AKB48 – Minegishi Minami
AKB48 – Akimoto Sayaka
AKB48 – Sato Sumire
AKB48 – Oya Shizuka
AKB48 – Maeda Ami
NMB48 – Hikawa Ayame
AKB48 – Umeda Ayaka
AKB48 – Kasai Tomomi
SKE48 – Kuwabara Mizuki
AKB48 – Kojima Haruna
NMB48 – Yamaguchi Yuuki
AKB48 – Yamauchi Suzuran
AKB48 – Kitahara Rie

But of course, there is still the need to crown a champion and after 2 more rounds of knockout came the final showdown between Fujie Reina & Shinoda Mariko. And with cheers form the crowd and tears in her eyes, Shinoda Mariko produce the winning hand to win top honors in the tournament. Congrats Shinoda Mariko!

Well, it is always an interesting experience to watch a live tournament, be it the world cup or Olympics where you can never predict the results as anything can happen next. And this Janken tournament is no different as Scissors-Paper-Stone can really be random at times. You can really feel the atmosphere in the cinema with fans who were all rooting for their favorite idols, were shouting away in support and especially right before both competitors reveal their choice with the shouts of “Jan Ken Pon”.

Overall it was quite an interesting experience and I am definitely going to remember it for a long long time.

Photo Credits : ©AKS

by Kenneth Wong

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