The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 Review

When Justin Timberlake decided that he wanted to make a come back to music, he held a session where there would be no rules or limit to the amount of music he would make. Turns out he had so many tracks that he had to split The 20/20 Experience into 2 albums.

Honestly, I didn’t know that he was gonna do something like that so when he announced that there would be a sequel released at the end of September, I was both excited and worried at the same time. I mean I loved The 20/20 Experience and while I wanted more, I wasn’t sure that there was a need for a follow up so soon.

JT 1

When the lead single – Take Back The Night was released, I had a good feeling about it. It was a great follow up, the song itself doesn’t take you to places but it’s constant groove just keeps you going and that’s more than enough. He isn’t over doing it and he’s totally in his element here. The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 has to be more of the same right?

Well, not really…….and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 in simple terms is probably the true follow up to FutureSex/LoveSounds. It’s something about the style, the beats and the overall production of 2 of 2 that is so similar to FutureSex/LoveSounds. So in other words, very little of 2 of 2 connects with part 1 of the album.

There are some awesome tracks that appealed to me like Take Back The Night, You Got It On and Not a Bad Thing but for me it doesn’t reach the same highs as Pusher Love Girl, Mirrors or Let the Groove in from part 1.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Still a great album but I felt that it took me back to FutureSex / LoveSounds after Part 1 had already brought me forward.

By: Elliott Danker

The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 is now out in stores

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