10 Reasons To Play Mist Of Pandaria

Perhaps one of the biggest decision that many World of Warcraft players have to make now is wheather they should get the latest expansion to the most played MMORPG on planet earth, World of Warcraft. After all, with so many other games that look very good coming out, it is not surprising that gamers have more choices.

It is no secret that POPCulture Online’s Kenneth Wong has been busy checking out Pandaria and in this month’s issue, he gives 10 reasons why there is life after Deathwing (the previous expansion).

1. A Whole New Talent Tree

With the new expansion comes a while new talent tree where now choices are a lot easier to decide and you do not punished heavily on the DPS meters just cause you want a more fanciful looking skill.

2. 5 More Levels

Lets face it, when it comes to MMORPGs out there, more levels to gain is always a good thing as it means bigger numbers to been seen. This also means the ability to equip better gear which results in even bigger DPS numbers which is a good thing.

3. New Monk Class

The new class that the expansion brings is actually very interesting as in one class, you can be a tank, healer or DPSer. Plus the new resource system and some of the really cool moves the class brings, I highly recommend everyone to at least create a monk to play through the first few levels even if you have another main character.

4. Pet Battles

Another new concept that has been added with the expansion is Pet Battles. The closest comparison would be the famous Nintendo game, Pokemon. This means that all the pets you painstakingly collected over the last few expansions have more exciting uses other than just looking good.

5. New PvE Content

If there is one thing that majority of WoW gamers talk about, its heroic dungeons and Raids. Well a new expansion brings new dungeons and raids which I am sure many guild are already planning for. Even older ones have been redesigned so you might wanna take a break from Pandaria and head back to the “old” world to check them out.

6. Account-wide Progress

All your mounts, titles and etc are now account wide. While this is kinda like a small thing to players with one character, those of us with many Alts are very happy with it. Now I do not have to go grind rep with older fractions just cos I want that exclusive mount. Its available to all my characters now.

7. New Race

Honestly, even if the Pandaren race didn’t come with the monk class, its still a good thing in its own. After seeing the Chen Stormstout since the early WoW days plus the ever popular kung fu panda movie, I am sure majority of WoW players have been waiting to play a Pandaren race and now you get to do it.

8. Valor Changes

While some players are kinda unhappy with the new valor changes as they liked the idea to use valor points to pick up pieces of gear in case their rolls have been bad, the new changes have their own merits. Now you can use the valor points to upgrade your gear instead so this means longevity for that favorite piece of lower level gear until your rolls get better.

9. A Whole New World

If the new island of Pandaria with its Chinese lore inspired environment doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. From the music to the buildings, its like ancient China came to life and you are right there adventuring in the mist of it. From farmlands to villages to huge temples, it feels like watching a sword fighting show on the Chinese channel on cable.

10. It’s Time to Smack the Warchief

If you read tides of war, I think even horde players who have a heart (I Hope) will know that Garrosh deserves to get smacked real hard. While there is not much development yet on how this will happen, this is going to be very likely especially with bits of news here and there.

I personally hope Thrall comes along regardless of Alliance or Horde players raiding to help smack that stupid orc called Garrosh. Maybe it might even be a form of a final raid back to Orgrimmar which would be awesome. But well until we find out more, paying a visit to the Warchief is certain and it is definitely worth getting the expansion just for that.

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