10 Reasons To Play Guild Wars 2

It’s been a crazy weekend since the world of Guild Wars 2 was open to those who had pre-ordered the game. While the game does look very unconventional as compared to the mountain of other MMORPGs out there, its this unwillingness to follow the “rules” by the developers that has gotten the game so much attention.

In this month’s POPCulture Online, our resident PC Gamer Kenneth, shares his top ten reasons why both MMORPG haters and lovers should consider adding Guild Wars 2 to their collection.

It Is All About The PvP

Guild Wars 2 has perhaps one of the most advanced PvP game play your can find in any MMORPG out there. From the normal map kill all enemies PvP to the massive World vs World where servers are pitted against each other for special buffs and benefits.

In fact its possible to PvP from day one as you get a level and stats buff to max level before you enter the battle. While equipment remains the same as what you have in PvE and do play a part, nothing beats skillful co-ordination which is a plus point in my eyes.

No More Grinding

Lets face it, the thing that most of us hate is grinding. Sure many MMORPGs try to hide it in the form of quest and other forms of experience gains, the fact still remains that that experience bar looks like an uphill task.

In Guild Wars 2, grinding is kept to a minimum. In fact, going around just killing mobs one after another is stupid (unless you are hunting for that exclusive crafting material). Level bars while do get longer as you level up, are not as high a mountain as compared to other MMORPGs.

Quest That Actually Makes Sense

Yellow exclamation marks on top of NPCs’ heads are now considered outdated thanks to Guild Wars 2. Playing courier boy/girl and killing lots of mobs with no real impact on the game world is now so last season.

Yup, in Guild Wars 2, static questing… if it’s even possible to term the many task and events that are no longer part of the equation. Instead what you get is a living breathing world where the outcome of your “questing” affects the world and adds to the overall game play. Oh and lets not forget the personal story quest which is based on your character creation choices and offer nice rewards for completion.

No More Material Node Rushing

Ever experienced the frustration of reaching that exclusive material node only to see another player swoop in and steal it from under your nose? Well you are not alone as this is something that annoy lots of people like that idiot stealing your car park just cos you choose to reverse in.

In Guild Wars 2, the material node you see is yours alone. Sure everyone will see it but the developers coded it in such a way that everyone will also get his own share of the node.

No Monthly Subscription

Yes you read that right, there is no month fees for playing Guild Wars 2. So no more feeling guilty for wasting money just course you are overseas and have no access to a gaming computer for its exams / project month.

Combat Is Dynamic

Ever felt frustrated that your toon cannot move while casting that ultimate skill only to have the boss do an AOE and kill you because you cant escape? Well in Guild Wars 2, you can move and use skills.

This makes the game more fast paced and keeps you on your toes all the time especially for those 2 button pally healers.

Add the fact that different player’s can combine different skills for a variety of effects and you have a game where skill and creativity plays more of a part than just getting the best gear.

The Overflow System

If there is one thing most if not all MMORPG players hate, its the long queue time especially when the game server is very crowded.

Here in Guild Wars 2, there is a system called the overflow where instead of queuing up and waiting, you get to play while queuing on an overflow server. There you can carry out your crafting, take part in world events and even explore the map.

Once its your turn in the queue, you can choose to go back to your server or continue playing in the overflow server if you are in the middle of the quest. If time is money, with the overflow system, you will never waste any.

Down with the Tank DPS Healer Trinity

At the end of every MMORPG out there, it always come down to the 3 main roles when it comes to partying. There will be a Tank, a Healer and 3 DPS for parties of 5 and more for bigger groups.

Ever had to wait forever just course your class role is not in demand? Well here in Guild Wars 2, there is no such thing. Each class or profession as its called in Guild Wars 2 is self reliant. You can Tank, DPS and Heal at the very basic.

Heck, every profession also can revive others and have their own set of crowd control skillsets so its really up to your to define your own style of play.

You Can Learn More Than 1 Crafting Line

Most MMORPG allows you to learn up to a limited number of crafting and if you unlearn 1 to pick up another 1, you lose everything. Well its kinda different here in Guild Wars 2.

While you can only have 2 active crafting at any one time, you do not lose your crafting level if you decide to switch to another one.

Something so simple but makes a lot of sense. Crafting Enthusiast should really love this one.

The Material Collection

If there is one thing I hate in most of the MMORPGs I play, its the fact that I need to go back all the way to the bank to deposit all the crafting materials I find while on my adventures.

In Guild Wars 2, all you need to do is to open your inventory, click twice and all your crafting materials get sent back to the collection bank thingy.

What this means is that no need to waste time going back to bank to deposit the materials and that they will always be available to all your characters and accessible during your crafting.

I really wonder why the other game companies didn’t think of all these.

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