Pop of the Month

Crazy In Love


I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never read the book. I mean I wanted to until I found out a movie adaptation was going to be done. I prefer to “read” a book via watching a movie. It’s easier for me to digest. With Fifty Shades, I’m going to keep to my tradition of watching the movie and then reading ... Read More »

The Last Goodbye

hobbit 2

This year is going to be extra sentimental because it will be the absolute last time for you to catch your favourite middle earth characters on the big screen. So we thought we do a quick roll call of our favourite wizards, hobbits, dwarfs and elves. IAN McKELLEN (Gandalf the Grey), born and raised in the north of England, has ... Read More »

Sony Playstation At GameStart 2014

GameStart 2014 Sony Playstation Booth

As we strolled into Suntec City’s convention center, the POPCulture Online team was excited bright and early because of the anticipation in attending Singapore’s very first Gamestart 2014. Of course one of the key exhibitors this year was Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) who occupied over 250 square meters of space showcasing over 30 titles for the PS4, PS3 ... Read More »

Fears Of The POPCulture Online Team


Once a year on the 31st of October is the strange, scary, weird at times and lots of candy day of Halloween. It was originally a day to remember the dead, yet over time it has become one that involves costumes and other horror related events and practices all over the world. Here in sunny Singapore it is no different ... Read More »

In Conversation with Cameron Stewart

STGCC 2014 Interview Cameron Stewart

The cover for this month’s POPCulture Online is none other than Batgirl and Cameron Stewart is the man behind the new design.  Having snagged up the Eisner award, Shuster Award, Eagle award and Harvey award, Kenneth Choong had the privilege to catch up with the man himself to find out more about Batgirl and his upcoming projects including the much ... Read More »

STGCC 2014 Media Preview

STGCC 2014 Media Preview Elliott Danker

The Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention (STGCC 2014) Media Preview was held at The Vault, a trendy place where creativity meets popular culture meets good food on a nice sunny Thursday morning. With an expected crowd of over 45,000 this weekend at the Marina Bay Sands, this year’s edition of STGCC looks to be another exciting weekend for both ... Read More »

Hooked on a Feeling

pop 6

Just who the heck are the Guardians of the Galaxy? That’s the question a lot of people were asking when Marvel Studios first took on the task to turn this comic book series into a live action move. Bold movie considering most people are more “Avengers” type of an audience. When I first caught a glimpse of the trailer I ... Read More »

One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

pop mark

Michael Bay and his arsenal of dynamite and CGI are back with Transformers: Age of Extinction. A forth movie in the franchise and also the first of a new planned trilogy. Not much is known about the movie but we do have some information we can bring you. Age of Extinction begins after an epic battle left a great city torn, but ... Read More »

In Conversation with Hugh Jackman


Everyone was excited to meet Hugh Jackman and we had heard from other interviewers that he was a really nice guy, When we stepped in he was there standing up and reached out to introduce himself by shaking everyone’s hand. That leaves a strong impression. The both of us then somehow get into talking about relaxing and drinking by the ... Read More »

Electric Dreams

electric dreams featured

Andrew Garfield returns as Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and they’ve got on a massive marketing campaign which included participating in Earth Hour efforts, coming to Singapore for a press event, followed by swiftly jet setting to Japan for the premier. Exciting times for web head and Andrew Garfield has recently come out to talk about how he feels ... Read More »

The Real American Hero

pop of the month featured

In this month’s latest Marvel Studios offering, Captain America returns 2 years after the events of The Avengers and this time, he’s set to be haunted by his past while he continues to adjust to modern times. Loads of familiar faces return and some new ones as well. So before you rush off to cinemas to catch Captain America: The ... Read More »

Seize Your Glory

seize featured

Since it’s been 7 years since 300 hit theaters, we thought we’d make things a little easier by refreshing your memory on some of the actors and characters that back for this film as well as some of the new ones that are involved as well. Sullivan Stapleton as Themistokles Sullivan was most recently starred in Ruben Fleischer’s 1940s-era crime ... Read More »

Justice Upgraded

Joel Kinnaman

It is the year 2028, when the city of Detroit is being patrolled by the most unique and relentless crime fighter in the world: the half man/half robot Alex Murphy, also known as RoboCop. Condemned to a certain death after being the victim of a terrible explosion, our hero was given a second chance by the powerful corporation OmniCorp, specialized ... Read More »

Introducing Valerie


In 2010, at the largest annual Japanese pop culture themed event in South East Asia held in Singapore, “Anime Festival Asia (AFA)”, Valerie was scouted as a result of her overwhelming presence at the maid cafe held within the event. In 2011, She debuted as part of Sea*A, an anisong idol group with a a great passion for Japanese pop ... Read More »

Lucky Number 47

47 ronin 1

In this month’s 47 Ronin, Keanu Reeves stars as Kai, an outsider in an ethereal 1800s Japan, a world of intense brutality and undeniable beauty, a time when history and fantasy meet.  When his forbidden love is stolen from him, he is left broken and lost.  Navigating a breathtaking landscape populated with seductive witches with nightmarish powers, mythic beasts and ... Read More »