Pop Art

Interview With Emi Liaric

Juvia Cosplay from Fairy Tails

So while being a responsible worker, our resident Digital Artist Ken Koh was researching around and stumbled upon a cutie named Emi. Donning his best, he went into interviewer mode WITHOUT APPROVAL… Juvia Cosplay from Fairy Tails, photo by Ken Koh 1. Hey you, for the record just how old are you again? (As of  Jan 2014) 20 (Ken: Ok ... Read More »

Interview with Cosplayer Rainer

Interview with Cosplayer Rainer Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII by Brian Lim

Ever since she debuted her cosplay of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2, local cosplayer Rainer has definitely stolen lots of hearts (especially a certain POPCulture Online’s member’s heart). Renowned for her mesmerizing cosplays from games, transformative makeup and not forgetting her well detailed self made props and costumes, local cosplayer Rainer has had a following of fans far and wide. ... Read More »

Team Lab : Where Tech meets Art at the Singapore Biennale

Team Lab Singapore Biennale 2014 02

What happens when a 300 strong team of information specialist including the likes of programmers (user interface engineers, data base engineers, network engineers, robot engineers, computer vision engineers, software architects), mathematicians, architects, CG animators, web designers, graphic designers, artists, and editors put their minds together for a common purpose? Well the first thing to my was something that would merge ... Read More »

Interview with Local Cosplayer Kitska Hiwatari

Kitska Hiwatari Ranka Lee Cosplay

The other half of local cosplay duo Kachang Puteh, Kitska Hiwatari is no stranger to the cosplay community both here in Singapore and abroad having recently participated at HobbyCon 2013 as a special guest. POPCulture Online talks to the versatile cosplayer about how she got started with cosplay, how cosplay has changed her life and about her costumes. POPCulture Online: ... Read More »

An Audience with The Queen Of Blades Acer | Scarlett

Acer | Scarlett Sasha Hostyn Intel Extreme Masters Singapore

The Intel Extreme Masters Singapore brought some of THE best StarCraft II players from around the globe and one of them was the Queen Of Blades (not Sarah Kerrigan) herself Acer | Scarlett. Known for her aggressive style of play during competitions, our tech writer KangYi was caught up with Scarlett after her intense rematch with StarTale Bomber – which ... Read More »

Interview with Blacklash Jo

Final Fantasy 13 Oerba Yun Fang Cosplay by blacklashjo

No stranger to both the local and regional cosplay community, Blacklash Jo has done many memorable cosplays such as Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series, Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch, Lady Sio from Afro Samurai and Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy 13. Our resident digital artist turned interviewer Ken Koh, catches up with Blacklash Jo to find out ... Read More »

Of Inori and Mana with Redjuice

STGCC 2013 Interview Redjuice

Known widely for designing the characters in the hit anime Guilty Crown and also for his past involvements with Supercell and Livetune, illustrator and designer Redjuice was in town for STGCC 2013. Spending time talking to members of the media, Redjuice shared his how his designs for the characters in Guilty Crown came about and who his favorite character was. ... Read More »

Meeting The Extremis Designer Adi Granov

STGCC 2013 Interview Adi Granov

No stranger to the comic book world is British based comic book artist Adi Granov who has worked with Marvel on many series of which the Iron Man Extremis is the most noteworthy. Having also have a hand in the Iron Man movies, Adi was in town recently for the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention. Finding time out of ... Read More »

Meeting 2NE1 at the Asia Style Collection

Meeting 2NE1 at the Asia Style Collection

Ever since bursting onto the Korean music scene in 2009, the quartet of of CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom from 2NE1 have been making waves in the industry. In town for the Asia Style Collection as part of the K-Pop Collection, Kenneth Wong meets the 4 girls to talk about their style and what they are currently busy with. Question: ... Read More »

BARKS Makes Japanese Music News More Accessible To Global Audiences

BARKS Makes Japanese Music News More Accessible To Global Audiences Press Conference

BARKS brings Japanese Music News to the English and Chinese fans Mr Tadashi Goto, Producer for BARKS with Japanese bands WEAVER, flumpool & SID. Photo credits: BARKS As the interest in Japanese popular culture continues to grow here in Singapore, Japanese bands and artiste start to gain popularity as well. But with the language barrier still in place and picking ... Read More »

Vera Farmiga talks Bates Motel

bates motel featured

Bates Model is a modern re-imagining and prequel to the movie ‘Pyscho’. The story begins with the earlier years of a teenage boy Norman Bates, and his mother Norma who live in an old house overlooking the adjoining motel which they are renovating. The house and hotel both come with secrets of their own as does the new town which ... Read More »

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Exhibition @ Bugis Junction


When I first found out about this I was so excited to check out the prototypes of the Iron Man 3 movie replicas. I remember my very first Hot Toy was a Mark 2 and then I went on to get the Mark 3 and well as they say the rest is history. Today Hot Toys has grown so much ... Read More »