Danker’s Pick

AKB48 In Singapore


The AKB48 Singapore store at *SCAPE was opened in May and I wasn't able to attend because I was on Holiday. None the less you can read all about it here. During that time I was in Hong Kong and guess what? While the Singapore store was being launched I was visiting the AKB48 Museum in Hong Kong. It has …

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Thor Around The World

Dankers pick 2

It's not easy being the star of a superhero movie. Apart from having to look stylish all the time, you gotta jet set and travel the world to make appearances especially if it's the first time you're in a big starring role and the first time a movie as epic as Thor is being done. So I decided to do a little …

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Celebs Who Do Good


It's not been an easy time for Japan, a Tsunami after a major quake and now the threat of Nuclear Disaster. Yet the country shows it's class in it's calm way of dealing with the crisis, people around the world can only watch and pray for them. But those of the human race who are larger than life stood up …

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Know Your Role

Danker's pick

The 83rd Academy Awards tops my pick for this month. Having seen the films nominated for Best Picture, it was quite fitting "The King's Speech" won. But apart from all the winners, there are a few things that did catch our attention……..the red carpet and the hosts. First let's look at the read carpet, my my some stars certainly took …

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